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Experts Say These 7 Hair Trends Will Outshine All Others This Summer

It feels like spring has only just arrived (thanks, UK weather forecast) but trust me, summer is just around the corner—I promise. And along with planning my holiday and summer wardrobe, I’m also curious as to what summer hair trends will be the major players for 2024.

Summer is often the busiest time of year. Our schedules are packed with weddings (need wedding guest hair inspo? Step this way), festivals, summer soirées and holidays, which all require some hair inspiration. And when the summer temperatures soar we want low maintenance hairstyles that can make us look pulled together, fast (because who wants to use a hairdryer when it’s 28 degrees out?)

To find out what hair trends we can expect to see this summer, I asked celebrity hairstylist and owner of Hershesons salons, Luke Hersheson (who tends to the tendrils of Dua Lipa and Emily Ratajkowski, to name a few) to share what he predicts will be trending this summer. From the haircuts to get acquainted with to the easy hairstyling tricks that will see you through festival season and beyond, scroll ahead for the biggest summer hair trends of 2024.

To find out what hair trends we can expect to see this summer, I asked celebrity hairstylist and owner of Hershesons salons, Luke Hersheson (who tends to the tendrils of Dua Lipa and Emily Ratajkowski, to name a few) to share what he predicts will be trending this summer. From the haircuts to get acquainted with to the easy hairstyling tricks that will see you through festival season and beyond, scroll ahead for the biggest summer hair trends of 2024.

1. Cowgirl Bangs

Laura Harrier with curtain fringe short haircut

Time to welcome back cowboy-core with a hearty yeehaw—because it’s not going anywhere for summer, says Hersheson. As seen on Laura Harrier here, we’re seeing the curtain fringe come back with a bang, but this it has a “softer, more rugged” look, which “lends better to natural textures,” he says. “They’re slightly shaggier than a polished curtain bang, but without losing any of the versatility.”

Sabrina Carpenter with cowgirl curtain bangs

Sabrina Carpenter’s cowgirl curtain fringe is convincing me to finally try a fringe for summer. Plus, it looks great worn with hair up or down.

Get the Look

Zhoosh Foam


Zhoosh Foam



This mousse is a game-changer for adding volume, hold and that cool-girl texture to lengths.

Amika Blowout Babe Thermal Brush


Blowout Babe Thermal Brush



A hot brush is ideal for creating volume and shape in a curtain fringe.

Beauty Pie, Super Healthy Hair Pro-Dry Barrel Brush


Super Healthy Hair Pro-Dry Barrel Brush



No hot brush? No problem. A round brush and your trusty hairdryer are ideal for shaping curtain fringes.

2. Half-Up, Half-Down

Half up half down hairstyle on long hair with seashell hair clip

This might be the ultra low-maintenance hairstyle for summer that pulls your look together in seconds—especially if you employ some chic hair accessories. “Accessories aren’t going anywhere, and whilst bows are definitely still in, this summer one of the best ways to add a hint of interest to your half-up, half-down look is to add a mini claw clip or two,” says Hersheson. Don’t mind if we do.

Hailey Bieber with short half up, half down hairstyle with braids and ribbons

I love this half-up, half-down look on Hailey Bieber. Note the tiny plaits and bows—so cute.

Get the Look

Shell-Shaped Hair Clip


Shell-Shaped Hair Clip



*Adds to basket immediately*.

Assorted Satin Bow Hair Bobbles, Set of 6


Assorted Satin Bow Hair Bobbles



These tiny bow hair ties will instantly elevate any hairstyle.

H&M, Oval Metal Hair Claw


Oval Metal Hair Claw



This claw clip looks ten times more expensive.

3. “Old Money” Bob

Zendaya with side parted old money bob hairstyle

The bob haircut has reigned for a while now, and we’re not seeing it go anywhere for 2024. While last year we say blunt, jaw-skimming bobs takeover salons, this year we’re welcoming the longer and bouncier variety in form of the old money bob, seen on Zendaya during her Challengers press tour. “The old money bob is perfect for those who cut their hair and don’t want to go super short again—this is a brilliant way to polish up shorter hair,” says Hersheson.

Elsa Hosk with old money bob

I’ve had Elsa Hosk’s bouncy bob on my hair inspo board for summer.

Get the Look

T3 Volumising Hot Rollers Luxe


Volumising Hot Rollers Luxe



The key to a bouncy bob? Heated rollers. The large barrels on these will give you ’90s-supermodel volume.

Color Wow Xtra Large Bombshell Volumizer 50ml


Xtra Large Bombshell Volumizer



For hold, prep your hair with a mousse. Color Wow’s provides tonnes of volume.

Oribe Free Styler Working Hairspray 300ml


Free Styler Working Hairspray



There is nothing worse than sticky hairspray. Oribe’s has a flexible hold that won’t leave your lengths stiff, rather glossy and swishable.

4. Baby Braid Tendrils

Hailey Bieber with baby braid tendrils on long hair

With Hailey Bieber as a fan of baby braid tendrils, I’ve since seen baby braids all over my For You Page, and Hersheson predicts they’ll be big news this summer. And there are multiple ways to style them, whether you braid two face-framing tendrils, or combine them into a half-up, half-down hairstyle—the opportunities are endless. “Braid the front two sections of hair and tie off at the bottom. This will keep your hair out of your face and is perfect for adding a bit of movement back into the front sections of hair that can get smoothed out by touching/being tucked behind the ear,” he says. “They’re perfect paired with beach waves.”

Dodos with goddess braids and baby braid tendrils

I love this goddess braids style worn with two face-framing tendrils.

Get the Look

Hair Comb - a Professional Anti-Static Carbon Fibre Metal-Pin Tail Comb,heat Resistant Barber and Salon Rattail Comb With Non-Skid Paddle Parting Comb,fine Tooth in Black


Hair Comb



A tail comb will help achieve precise partings and sections for styling braids.

Larry King Haircare Flyaway With Me Kit


Flyaway With Me Kit



Running a little pomade through the lengths before braiding can help with hold while adding smoothness and shine. The additional brush in this kit is great for styling edges, too.

kitsch hair elastics


No-Snag Elastics



Tiny elastics are key to ensure hold without the bulkiness of a traditional hair tie.

5. Mid-Length Cut

Margot Robbie with mid-length haircut

The mid-length cut is set to be the perfect middle ground for those who want to switch up their long hair without going too short, or for those who have gone for a short cut and want to grow it out. “For everyone who braved it and got a bob last year, sometimes shorter isn’t always the favourite—and that’s totally ok,” says Hersheon. “The good news is, the mid-length cut is back in, and by growing out a bob you’re already there. Just find a stylist who can help clean it up a little bit and the awkward growing out stage will cease to exist.”

Emily Ratajkowski with mid length haircut

Both Margot Robbie and Emily Ratajkowski have recently opted for mid-length cuts—we’re calling our hairdresser immediately.

Get the Look

Growth Cycle Hair Supplement


Growth Cycle Hair Supplement



Looking to grow out your bob? Whenever I take these supplements, I see my hair grow like crazy—they really work.

New Ghd Chronos Hair Straightener in Black


Chronos Hair Straightener



For those who like to wear their hair sleek, it doesn’t get better than GHD’s Chronos hair straightener for all the smoothness without the heat damage.

The Wavemaker


The Wavemaker



Mid-length hair looks amazing with soft waves, and this hair tool helps you achieve the look effortlessly.

6. Beach Waves

Jasmine Tookes with beachy waves

Beach waves are a timeless hairstyle we’ll turn to every summer. “It comes back every single year and honestly there’s no shame in beach waves coming back time and time again,” says Hersheson. “Luckily, there are tonnes of ways you can achieve this look now without having to step foot near a beach. Use Hershesons The Wavemaker (£150, above) or let your hair dry naturally with Air Dry Spray (£16) and let any natural movement your hair has come to life.”

Sienna Miller with beachy waves

Sienna Miller wore beachy waves, so I’m wearing beachy waves.

Get the Look

Air Dry Spray


Air Dry Spray



Mist through lengths and allow to air-dry to enhance your hair’s natural texture.

mermade hair waver


Pro Hair Waver



No beach holiday? This mermaid waver cheats it for you.

Ouai, Wave Spray


Wave Spray



From enhancing natural curls to giving straight hair body and texture, this is a summer staple to have in your hairstyling remit.

7. Sunflower Blonde

Rihanna with sunflower blonde hair colour

“Warmer and golden blonde tones have been steadily growing traction as blondes want a bit of the ‘glow’ that copper and red hair offers without losing their ‘blonde identity’,” says Tom Smith, international artist in residence at Billi Currie, artist at Olaplex and international creative colour director at Evo. We’re following in suit of Rihanna and Zendaya who have been wearing the sunflower blonde trend over the season.

“Sunflower Blonde is the perfect summery Blonde shade to bring a bit of ‘golden hour’ all day every day! Softly multi-tonal, this shade can be achieved with highlights on naturally lighter hair or with a full colour plus highlights on naturally deeper bases. The tones are entirely golden with a real focus on shine and vibrancy,” he says.

Zendaya with sunflower blonde hair colour

Smith has some pointers on how this trend can work across skin undertones. “Gold tones can suit and lift a variety of skin tones, and work well to lift ones complexion and make the hair look extra healthy— great trick if bleached hair is looking dull or tired,” he says. “Ideal on warmer skin tones of all depths, which is what makes it a great choice for summertime.”

For this hair colour to look its best, good hair care is paramount. “Health and shine is crucial for the success of this look, so using regular conditioning treatments and bond builders will help to maintain the glow of the hair,” says Smith. “Have your
hairstylist use an intense gold toner after your usual blonding appointment to try this shade out if you’re already blonde. If your hair is darker and want to try this out, its surprisingly easy to
achieve as darker hair tends to lift with warm and golden tones anyway,” he says.

Get the Look

L'oréal Paris Elvive Glycolic Gloss Rinse-Off 5 Minute Lamination Treatment for Dull Hair 150ml


Elvive Glycolic Gloss Rinse-Off 5 Minute Lamination Treatment



Wella Professional Color Fresh Mask | Temporary Color Refresh Treatment |semi-Permanent Hair Dye | Wash Out Colour |150ml | Golden Gloss


Color Fresh Mask in Golden Gloss



If you already have lighter blonde hair or highlights, this colour-depositing mask will add golden tones to your lengths.

K18 Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask (various Sizes)


Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask



Bleach can leave hair compromised, but this hair mask helped to repair strands from the inside out to leave parched lengths feeling healthier and looking shinier.



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